Programming language

ok, i’m lost. where is the programming language defined? I see all of the initial examples, but need more to write my own. book and or online reference; either/both would be great. thanks.

Hi @proj964, here are a couple of references to get you started!

  1. Our blog:
  2. ZipCPU:
  3. AsicWorld:

We plan on producing a longer-form series geared specifically towards the WebFPGA ecosystem. So stay tuned for that!

thanks, I’ll take a look.

There’s an awesome tutorial at where you solve a series of problems (many with solutions provided). It’s a really nice way to learn the language.

One more useful tool if you’re used to writing unit tests for software: System Verilog Unit Test (SVUT) is a library for unit testing Verilog.

It requires you have a copy of Icarus Verilog (free, open-source) and use a few special macros in your test bench. I found it useful for learning the language and validating designs.

(Disclaimer: I’ve submitted a substantial number of patches.)